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During lockdown I made Murder On The 28th Floor, "a 40 minute romp that will have you spitting wine all over your laptop screens in laughter" (The Spectator)It was co-written, co-produced and co-acted with my co-AD of District Theatre, Christian Loveless.


It's a very silly, multiple-moustached murder-mystery, with high speed chases, wigs, sax solos, and a lot of stupid puns. It is all live streamed from deserted office buildings to the team who normally work in them. They, safely in their own homes, watch us run down empty corridors and commando roll across conference tables, assisting the investigation from their sofas.

“Hilarious, interactive and perfectly pitched...

the most successful event we have held since Covid hit."

Will Winterton, Partner, Clifford Chance

We hide in stationary cupboards, jump out of filing cabinets, find poker dens in printing rooms, bodies under their boss’s desks and get up to all kinds of Blair Witch Project shaky camera silliness. It’s totally wild and super fun. We’ve done nearly 40 shows now, including ones for Snapchat, JustEat, Clifford Chance and the NHS.

"It couldn't be bettered. Original, interactive and very, very funny!

Adam Twidell,  CEO, PrivateFly

"Brilliant! We loved it!"

Erin Walton, JustEat

"Honestly hilarious and exactly what we all needed!"

Ravneet Dhanjal, Snapchat

We have two bumbling police officers who have watched one too many 80's cop shows: Super Intendant Inspector Ros Rozzer and Detective Sergeant Bobby O'Copper, and five suspects. Gradually, in Kind Hearts and Coronets, And Then There Were None fashion, the suspects get bumped off.


 It's basically Agatha Christie wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and whistling the Fawlty Towers theme tune.

"A terrific play! Really very funny. The balance between acting, jokes and bringing in people from Profile was brilliant, it's not easy to do these things well but everybody loved it. Inspired."

Andrew Franklin, Founder and Director, Profile Books

“A brilliant ray of sunshine, creativity and craft from a very talented duo. They made 2020 even more memorable than before and I didn’t think that was possible! Our team were unanimous in their praise for the whole event, and saw our studio in a very different light!!”

Giles Charlton, Director, Spacehub Design

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"Fast-paced and hilarious reunion for teams stuck working from home"

Broadway World

"40-minute romp that will have you spitting out mulled wine all over your laptop screen in laughter"

The Spectator

"Splendidly original office night out (in)"

Bristol 24/7

"Madcap digital hilarity for the new normal"

Theatre Weekly

"Ever wanted to bump off your boss? District Theatre is taking over... interactive and immersive comedy, streamed straight from your office."

The i

As featured on Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, BBC Bristol and BBC Merseyside

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“Creative, hilarious, and personalised to the company. The most fun we have had in 2020... and all from the comfort of our own homes.”

Mariela Cevallos, Office Manager, RI Retail Insights

“The show was absolutely brilliant - everyone thought it was hilarious. It was the perfect balance of being interactive and personalised, and really brought the team together. At a time when everyone is zoomed out, this was a real breath of fresh air, and so funny! Marie and Christian were fantastic!”

Alice Wyatt, Events Manager, Spencer Stuart

If you'd like to book the show, or know someone who might, send us an email:

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