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Marie Hamilton is an actor and writer. 

Marie is contrarily pronounced to rhyme with Gary. As in Will You Marry Me? ...But that's often seen as a bit of an overstep in a bio. Hamilton doesn't really rhyme with anything.

At 18 she went to Paris to train with Philippe Gaulier, then she went to Bristol and made a lot of fringe theatre, then she did an MA in acting at ArtsEd. She now lives between London and Bristol, working mainly in Theatre, Film and TV, and sometimes Performance and Video Art. 


She has toured internationally, and worked at the Almeida, the Soho Theatre, the Gate and the Arcola, the Bristol Old Vic, the Tobacco Factory, and the Wardrobe in Bristol, at the Pleasance, Edinburgh, and the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford.

Beauty and the Beast, GLYPT at the Tramshed Theatre, London 2015

She has worked with Sally Cookson, Talawa, ATC, and Travelling Light and is Co-Artistic Director of District Theatre with Christian Loveless. Marie was a finalist in the BBC Radio Drama Company's Norman Beaton Fellowship 2017. Her work has been shortlisted for the LET and Untapped awards and is supported by Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Arts Council England.


we don't have to do this

Is a comedy about a tragedy, made with District Theatre. As part of the prep, Marie and her collaborator Christian Loveless stood outside parliament with a giant banner for 60 days. Was that really necessary? The show examines activism, pessimism, apathy and hope in the face of impossibility. 


Polly (The Heartbreak Opera)

An adaptation of Polly  by John Gay, the banned sequel to The Beggar's Opera made at Theaterhaus, Berlin in collaboration with Sharp Teeth.It was shortlisted for both the LET and Untapped awards, and was supported by the Greenwich Theatre, Salisbury Playhouse and the Bristol Old Vic. Lots more about it here.

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Current projects include:



Commissioned by London based contemporary choral collective Musarc and Goldsmith's Centre for Contempary Art. ORGANISM is a piece of video performance art made in response Transparent Things in the midst of the first lockdown of March 2020

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 18.03.23.png

Cookin' Made Easy with Mr. Zazzizi

A children's cookery TV show with Rew Lowe and Jack Offord, that follows the super cooking spy Mr. Zazzizi travelling the world, fighting crimes and making delicious food. Marie was part of the devising team and also played Mrs. Mummy, the dulcet toned Moneypenny to Zazzizi's 007.

We Gather By The Light Of The Flickering Screen

Made over 5 months during the lockdown of 2021, in collaboration with Glasgow-based charity CWIN, working with refugees and those undergoing the asylum process. Marie led the process, compiled the script and directed the final film. It was about the irrepressible human spirit, and overcoming technological, cultural and linguistic barriers to keep telling stories, even when we’re locked in our homes. 

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