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Sunday Scripture

A monthly event that I co-run here in Bristol. A space for writers, actors, directors, and anyone else interested in coming along to drink some wine, read a play and discuss it.


We like to have a mix of older, neglected plays and new, mainly Bristol based writing. Its a chance for writers to hear their work out loud, for directors and producers to hear something they might not have heard before and for actors to... hear their own voices! Its a lovely, relaxed and friendly space to meet up, have a drink and talk about theatre.


For more infomation about what we do and how to join in, have a peruse of our blog:



Farce and Loose

Farce and Loose is a new Bristol theatre company that was set up out of Sunday Scripture. We started out by working on a series of Chekhov short stories that were adapted for stage by Charles Thompson.


We debuted some bits of these at a scratch night at the Wardrobe Theatre last November and have since been awarded full Arts Council funding for a production to tour at the end of the year. 


Chekhov wrote hundreds of short stories in his lifetime, and we have the pleasure of playing with four very funny, fast paced little numbers. Perfect snapshots of life and love.

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